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USMC publishes interactive MCDP7 on new platform

Eduworks Corporation is pleased to announce that the United States Marine Corps has released its doctrinal publication on learning, distributed to all Marines, in digital form using Eduworks’ Personalized eBooks for Learning (PeBL) platform. The PeBL version of the Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 7, Learning, is a joint project among Eduworks, the Advanced Distributed Learning initiative (ADL), and the United States Marine Corps to develop an interactive version of MCDP 7, the first entirely new Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication since 2001.

According to a Marine Corps press release, “By releasing the MCDP 7 Interactive E-Book, we take the next logical step towards enhancing our institutional learning culture.”

Eduworks’ CEO, Dr. Robby Robson, said, “We are excited by the Marine Corps' large-scale roll-out of this doctrinal publication as a PeBL book. Eduworks is committed to working with our Marine Corps partners to enrich each Marine's learning experience and we look forward to expanding this program across the DOD and continuing our commitment to warfighter learning and readiness”.

The PeBL platform enables the creation of learning experiences that can be individual or collaborative, online or offline, remote or in-person, and asynchronous or synchronous. PeBL content can be made available on any device with a modern web browser, and allows downloading content for offline use. Learning activity can be made adaptable to fit the needs of the audience and the organization, and it can be tracked and analyzed using xAPI. PeBL is based on an open specification and the development of its code base and authoring plugin for InDesign were funded through ADL.

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Marine Minute: MCDP 7 Interactive E-Book8 (YouTube)
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