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These tools use the Eduworks Engine algorithms to

  • Detect which topics are addressed
  • Automatically identify, label, and order the topics
  • Extract text passages most relevant to each topic
  • Auto-generate related assessment questions
  • Produce a package that can be programmatically used to create courseware ranging from standard eLearning (e.g. with Articulate Storyline) to intelligent tutoring systems.

Instructional Systems Designers (ISDs) spend many hours capturing subject matter expert knowledge, analyzing topics, organizing content, and writing quiz questions.

Our tools extract the knowledge already captured in source materials and reduce the time needed for all of these steps. They also allow machine processing of the output directly into common authoring tools.

The result is efficiency gains of over 50%, and since the ISD can spend time editing and improving machine-generated content instead of entering data, the result is increased quality as well as reduced cost.

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