Eduworks solutions use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve processes that require reading and understanding text. They act as performance multipliers that increase speed and accuracy, decrease cost, and enable your team to make the best use of its time and expertise.

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Eduworks to lead team that will connect Companies to Colleges for reskilling American workers

Corvallis, OR – Eduworks Corporation (“Eduworks”) has received a second round of funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to lead an effort that will help meet skill demands created by digital transformation. This award is part of the NSF Convergence Accelerator “Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier” track and will provide up to $5 million to research, develop, and pilot an AI-enabled virtual assistant called Skillsync that connects employers and colleges for the purposes of defining and meeting reskilling needs.

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“This work is made possible by advances in machine learning and computer understanding of natural language”

US Marine Corps uses PeBL platform

Eduworks Corporation is pleased to announce that the United States Marine Corps has released its doctrinal publication on learning, distributed to all Marines, in digital form using Eduworks’ Personalized eBooks for Learning (PeBL) platform. The PeBL version of the Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication 7, Learning, is a joint project among Eduworks, the Advanced Distributed Learning initiative (ADL), and the United States Marine Corps to develop an interactive version of MCDP 7, the first entirely new Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication since 2001.

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“By releasing the MCDP 7 Interactive E-Book, we take the next logical step towards enhancing our institutional learning culture.”USMC

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