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Technology and human performance expertise for defense, intelligence, and security stakeholders

Working with partners and clients, Eduworks helps to identify and tailor technologies to solve challenging problems and bring new sources of information to bear on hard-to-answer questions.

We possess specialized expertise in

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Decision support and training
  • Text and document analysis
  • Automated meta-tagging
  • Repositories, registries, and digital libraries
  • Software development

  • Current Projects

Eduworks promotes superior performance by blending strategic thinking with world-class expertise in mission-enabling technologies and a select network of top-tier operational partners. We understand the challenges of a resource-constrained defense and security market and the unrelenting need for success in complex, high-stakes missions despite those constraints. We see adverse conditions as presenting opportunities to those astute enough to recognize them and bold enough to pursue them. We work with our client organizations to unlock those opportunities.

Eduworks can help your stakeholders thrive in an uncertain landscape.

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