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Co-Founded in 2001 by two learning technology innovators, Eduworks has grown to serve some of the world’s leading companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.


Dr. Robby Robson
CEO and Co-founder

Dr. Robson is an internationally recognized learning technology innovator who has made a career of applying new technologies to solve difficult problems and produce business results. Robby left academia to follow his entrepreneurial spirit in 2000 and has held leadership positions in software startups, standards bodies, and volunteer organizations. He has made significant contributions in areas ranging from real algebraic geometry and computational number theory to reusable design, intelligent tutoring systems, and competency management. Robby received a PhD in mathematics from Stanford University.

Dr. Benjamin Bell

Dr. Bell is a recognized expert in advanced information systems and their interaction with individuals and teams. He has comprehensive leadership experience and visibility in defense, security, education, aviation, maritime, medical, and other sectors. Ben has held CEO positions in previous firms and has extensive knowledge of government security, ITAR, and legislative activities. He has specific technical expertise in AI, human-systems integration, unmanned systems, training, simulation, visualization, and performance assessment. Ben holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Geoff Collier
VP Business Development and Co-founder

Geoff is the former owner and managing director of Thompson Career College in Kamloops, British Columbia and has over 25 years of experience in the areas of education management and learning management administration systems. He served as director of higher education products at PeopleSoft and has led multi-year system development, integration and implementation efforts involving over a hundred people. Geoff holds an MBA from UCLA.

Elliot Robson
VP Operations and Research

After a brief stint as an analyst with the New York Department of Education, Elliot was recruited by Wireless Generation to start their analytics department. While at Wireless (and later Amplify Learning), Elliot made important contributions to educational public policy and became head research analyst for Amplify’s automated reasoning team. Since joining Eduworks in 2014, Elliot has increased Eduworks’ research output while also managing Eduworks’ overseas operations. Elliot holds a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Michigan.